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Symposium: Trust and Dialogue

Öppen för allmänheten

Welcome to this two-days symposium on 3-4 of June. The symposium is arranged to mark the conclusions of Professor Esther Shalev Gerz's research project, Trust and the Unfolding Dialogue in Contemporary Art, conducted at Valand Academy.

Image Credit: Esther Shalev-Gerz, Potential Trust (2012-2014), Neon 90x150x8 cm.

From 2010-13, through an artistic research grant from the Swedish Research Council, Professor of Fine Art at Valand Academy, Esther Shalev-Gerz led on a research project interrogating the notions and generative interdependencies of trust and dialogue within contemporary Fine Art practice.

3 June at 09:30 - 17:30
4 June at 09:00 - noon

Conscious of current research on trust within economic, governance and social science studies, Shalev-Gerz recognised that within the burgeoning research on participatory art and its dialogic processes that limited attention had been paid to the potential of examining how trust and dialogue may interface and be co-generative. Shalev-Gerz worked with three other researchers: artist-curator Jason E. Bowman, philosopher Stefanie Baumann and film theorist Annika Wik to foreground - through her practice - the relations between these two effects of participatory processes in art, addressing their constituting in multiplicities and as an enmeshed nexus between artist, participant, commissioner, spectator and the spatio-temporal complexities of fusing processes of production and the exhibitionary.

This symposium brings together the original research team and specially invited guests to reflect on the research themes and their wider ramifications. The question of trust and dialogue arises in a number of critical junctures: the legitimacy of institutions; the viability of public culture; and the ethics of participatory processes. But, both trust and dialogue are also questions of form and aesthetics in an extended sense, in that these are also dimensions of the arts of living.

The invited speakers have been given an open brief to respond to the overarching themes of trust and dialogue in a moment when confidence in political process and public culture is challenged on many fronts and artists continue to cause methodologies by which to address such concerns through their critical participation.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Rosalyn Deutsche, Barnard College, Columbia University.

Föreläsare: Prof. Rosalyn Deutsche, Barnard College, Columbia University (US); Annie Fletcher, Senior Curator, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (Netherlands); Lisa Le Feuvre, Head of Sculpture Studies, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, (UK); Livia Paldi, Director of BAC:Baltic Art Center, (Sweden); Esther Shalev-Gerz, artist and former Professor of Fine Art, Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg, (France); Annika Wik, independent researcher, (Sweden); and others.

Datum & tid: 2015-06-03 kl 09:30 till 2015-06-04 kl 12:00

Kategorier: Konst

Arrangör: Akademin Valand

Plats: Akademin Valand, Vasagatan 50, Gothenburg

Evenemangslänk: Läs mer om Symposium: Trust and Dialogue

Sista anmälningsdag: 2015-06-01 kl. 12:00.

Avgift: Fri entré

Kontaktperson: Jason E. Bowman

Antal platser: 150 (Varav 35 är bokade)

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