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Welcome to Performing Resistance: A Seminar on Art, Academism and Activism that constitutes part of Annika Lundgren's current research project and departs from the question of how to combine artistic work undertaken inside of the institution with a political commitment today.

Performing Resistance: A Seminar on Art, Academism and Activism
May 29, 2015 at Valand Academy and Skogen, Gothenburg.

Jess Baines
Andrea Phillips
Gregory Sholette

Psychic Warfare

14.00 Seminar at Valand Academy
18.00 Collective walk to Skogen
18.30 Welcome drinks and presentations
19.00 Performance by Psychic Warfare
19.30 Dinner
20.00 Bar and socializing

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At present, our society is governed by increasingly strong neo-liberalist tendencies that are systematically undermining the integrity of art, research and education.

Is it possible to resist the forces of our current financial system from this position? Is it possible to avoid that artwork is taken hostage and is used for decorating and justifying the very forces that it aims to oppose in the process? What actually constitutes political activism? Could the separation between 'thinkers' and 'doers' perhaps be overcome by carving out new ways to perform resistance? And how can the institution be politically useful in our present situation?

The struggle of overcome the obstacle that working within the academic institution constitutes and actualizing political agency is a dilemma that politically engaged artists share with practitioners from several areas within social science and the humanities. Nonetheless, there has been little or no dialogue on resistance between the different fields so far.

At it's best, the institution - university, art scene, society - can be a place where people come together and exchange experiences, build collective visions and formulate new ideas and identities. In short, create new realities.

In her essay Turning from 2008, Irit Rogoff says: "When we say that these institutions of ours could be so much more than they are, we don't imply that they should be larger, or more efficient, or more progressive, or more fun (though they certainly should be more fun). Instead, we wish to say that their reach could be wider, that they might provide sites for doing so much more than they ever thought they could."

The research project Performing Resistance aims for a practical bridging of the gap between artistic and academic discourses on the one hand and the political on the other hand.

In a series of seminars we will attempt gather a selection of strategies, perspectives and ideas on political resistance emanating from the sectors of art, social science and the humanities.

On this very first occasion, we are very happy to welcome artist and writer Gregory Sholette (US) and Dr. Andrea Phillips (UK) as our keynote speakers, in conversation with Lisa Nyberg (artist based in Malmö), Stellan Vinthagen (Associate Professor in Sociology and Senior Lecturer in Peace and Development Studies at University of Gothenburg) and Åsa Wettergren (PhD and Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at University of Gothenburg).

- How can art and academic work produce political resistance?
- How can one avoid being taken hostage by the neo liberal forces the work aims to resist?
- How can a traditional separation between inside/outside, thinking/doing and art/activism be prevented?
- What practices can be created from a merging of the academic fields of humanities and contemporary art?

GREGORY SCHOLETTE is an artist and writer whose publications include It's The Political Economy, Stupid co-edited with Oliver Ressler, Dark Matter: Art and Politics in an Age of Enterprise Culture, both Pluto Press UK, as well as Collectivism After Modernism with Blake Stimson University of Minnesota Press, and The Interventionists with Nato Thompson distributed by MIT.

ANDREA PHILIPS is Professor of Fine Art and Director of PhD programmes in the Art Department at Goldsmiths. She lectures and writes about the economic and social construction of publics within contemporary art.

JESS BAINES is a researcher and senior lecturer teaching in the Design School at London College of Communications (LCC), University of the Arts London, where she is also part of the Design Activism Research Hub (DARH). Her part-time doctoral research at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) concerns the recent history of radical and feminist design/print collectives in Britain with regard to their movement, technological and economic contexts as well as their collectivist and participatory practices. Prior to contact with higher education, Baines spent several years as a radical printshop worker.

PSYCHIC WARFARE is a group of activists emerging from the field of philosophy, inspired but not bound by a number of different artistic and political movements; from the situationists to the autonomous left. They have positioned themselves in the center of a new trend where philosophical theory merges with political analysis in a configuration characterized by performative heterodoxies in key works such as Psychosonoric Lectures and Psychic Attacks.

SKOGEN is an artist-run platform working in close collaboration with a number of artists, local as well as international, to produce artworks and a public program with performances, screenings, lectures and installations.

NIKLAS PERSSON is an artist and creative director based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in object-centered performance his work is situated in the between conceptual work, typography and situations. His subject matter and strategies comes from a long-running interest in a bridging of the dichotomies serious-jokingly and sacred-profane in an everyday life context. Visual language in public space, and through mundane objects, often serves as a base for his work as an artist or creative director. Together with Mikael Vesavuori he runs Studio Research, a design studio working with concept development and creative direction.

ANNIKA LUNDGREN is an artist whose practice mainly consists in time and text base work such as performances, interventions, public arrangements, lectures and writing. A current project is Strategies of Magic: a series of magic shows that addresses the difference between trickery and actual political transformation and where the purpose is to reveal rather than disguise the means behind the manifestation.

Föreläsare: Gregory Sholette, Andrea Philips, Jess Baines, Psychic Warfare, Annika Lundgren.

Datum: 2015-05-29

Tid: 14:00 - 23:00

Kategorier: Konst

Arrangör: The seminar is arranged by Annika Lundgren and Niklas Persson in collaboration with the Valand Academy Research Board and the artist-run cultural platform Skogen and constitutes a part of Lundgren¿s current research project.

Plats: Glashuset, Akademin Valand (ingång Chalmersgatan 4, Göteborg)

Evenemangslänk: Läs mer om PERFORMING RESISTANCE

Sista anmälningsdag: 2015-05-29 kl. 12:00.

Avgift: Fri entré

Kontaktperson: Paulin Nande

Antal platser: 150 (Varav 76 är bokade)

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