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Public Talks: Swiss Psychotropic Gold as part of Draft


Swiss Psychotropic Gold
For more than three centuries Swiss commodity tradings have influenced vivid cultural, affective and moral economies. They have contributed to Swiss wealth, safety and white supremacy. An artistic and ethnographic project re-narrates global gold trade - from mining in former colonies to its refining and re-diverting in and out of Switzerland. It explores the moments when gold looses its stable form, its dissipation and dispersion into derivative, psychotropic and molecular dimensions. How to engage with such different discursive materialities has been asked by philosopher Nina Bandi, anthropologist Rohit Jain, the mixes of Fred Hystère, the body of Teresa Vittucci and the critical fabulations of knowbotiq.

Swiss Psychotropic Gold is an interdicispilinary research project developed a spart of Draft.

Initiated in 2015 Draft is a longue durée project, which in its inaugural episode involved nine interdisciplinary collaboratives from nine cities: Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Zurich. Each collaborative was inivited to explore how contemporary art can produce, contribute to or provoke public debate.

How do such artistic projects change their context, our worldview or concrete action? How do they maintain dissent and promote complexity? What do they appeal for?

The year-long undertaking was bookended by two conferences. At the Mumbai conference in June 2015, positions and working methodologies of the collaboratives and their members were presented. Thereafter, a range of engagements, including research and workshops, were actualised in each of the cities. Expanding on the conference´s discussions these set the pace for the site-sensitive artworks that were realised in 2016. The projects-some of which are ongoing-intervened in contexts of action, production and discourse, by exploring the imaginary, rendering the latent visible or critiquing concrete circumstances.

The 2016 conference in Zurich was focused on the artworks developed and carried out by the collaboratives in their local contexts. It provided insights into the art activities, and discussed them in terms of their sources and research materials, approaches adopted and their consequences for life-worlds.

Gitanjali Dang is a curator, writer and shape-shifter. In 2012, she founded Khanabadosh, an itinerant arts lab. Khanabadosh lives off latitude, magic and agnosticism, and is interested in everything. It is particularly interested in constantly rethinking what it-and everything around it-is about. In 2015, Khanabadosh, in collaboration with Institute for Contemporary Art Research, Zurich University of the Arts, cofounded Draft, which explores contemporary art that produces, contributes to or provokes public debate. Gitanjali is currently taking time off from Khanabadosh to work on her first novel because it's about time she finished. She lives and loves in Mumbai and wherever else this living, and loving might take her.

Rohit Jain is an anthropologist and anti-racism activist based at Zurich and Berne. He has done research and published on the entanglements of racism, humor and anti-PC in TV comedy, on transnational politics of representation of "second generations Indians" as well as on the connection of the Swiss public spectacle of Bollywood, yoga and IT with postcolonial anxieties. Recently he has collaborated in projects in artistic research on the "An/aesthetics of Suburbia" an on "Psychotropic Gold" (both at IFCAR Zurich) and on urban citizenship (at Shedhalle Zurich). He is co-founder of "Laugh Up. Stand Up! Antiracist Humor Festival" and of "Salon Bastarde", a series of postmigrant happenings in Zurich.

knowbotiq (Christian Huebler, Yvonne Wilhelm) have been experimenting with forms and medialities of knowledge, political representations and epistemic disobedience. They have participated in the 48th Venice Biennal (1999), Seoul Biennal (2002), Hongkong Shenzen Biennal (2007), Rotterdam Biennal (2009), Moscow Biennale (2011), exhibited in Museum Ludwig Cologne (2000), New Museum New York (2002), Witte de With Rotterdam and MOCA Taipeh (2004), Kunsthalle St. Gallen (2005), Skuc Gallery Ljubljana (2006), NAMOC Beijing (2008), Aarhus Kunstmuseum (2009), and has received major awards including the Swiss Art Award (2012), the international ZKM Media Art Award. knowbotiq has a professorship at the University of the Arts Zurich.

Public Talks is a series of seminars which will take place during 2017 and organized jointly by Valand Academy, Region Västra Götaland, Public Art Agency Sweden and a number of other art institutions in Sweden.


Region Västra Götaland

Public Art Agency Sweden

Föreläsare: Gitanjali Dang (Mumbai), Rohit Jain (Zurich), knowbotiq (Zurich)

Datum: 2017-03-16

Tid: 18:00 - 19:30

Kategorier: Konst

Arrangör: Akademin Valand

Plats: Akademin Valand, Vasagatan 50
Glass House, Valand Academy (Chalmersgatan 4)

Kontaktperson: Cora Hillebrand

Sidansvarig: Paulin Nande|Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-01-18

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