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Slutseminarium - Arne Kjell Vikhagen


Welcome to the end seminar (before public defence) for doctoral student Arne Kjell Vikhagen at Valand Academy. 'When Art Is Put Into Play' is a practice-based research project on Game Art in the subject Digital Representation.

Game Art, Computer Games, Video Games and Art, Play, Artistic Re-search, New Media Art.

Discussant: Dave Beech, Professor, Valand Academy

When Art Is Put Into Play is a practice-based research project that aims to con-tribute to the understanding of the relation between play and art from the specific per-spective of computer-based Game Art. This is done in two ways: in practice throughthe production of nine artworks that through their means of production all relate toGame Art as it has come to be known it the last fifteen years, and through the discus-sion on play and art from a Game Art perspective in this written thesis. Secondly, theproject aims to map and exemplify cases where Game Art successfully inherits rule-systems, aesthetics, spatial and temporal aspects from computer games. This workhas in turn resulted in the more specific question of the possibility for Game Art tosuccessfully create a state of flow, whilst still maintain agency as a piece of art.

This seminar will be held in English. Please contact Arne Kjell for his seminar text at arne.vikhagen@akademinvaland.gu.se.

Datum: 2016-10-12

Tid: 14:30 - 17:30

Kategorier: Konst

Plats: Akademin Valand, Vasagatan 50


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