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Kuno Seminar: Inclusive Actions


The teacher's seminar offered by Valand 20-21 October for KUNO 2017 asks what are the potentials for art education when we imagine desegregation within our societies.


20-21 October 2017 at Valand Academy, Glashuset


Art schools propose a fundamentally important and highly specific critical space for wider society. In part, they have been enabled to do so by operating in relative autonomy with respect to a mainstream culture of university technocratic reform.

Whether we are speaking of stand-alone historic academies or art schools that are contained within larger university-type institutions, we are faced with traditions of artistic pedagogy rooted in the autonomy of students' individual processes of art making, unfolded in exclusive dialogue with artist-educators. Considerable challenges are being raised towards these conditions and assumptions.

The teacher's seminar offered by Valand for KUNO 2017 asks what are the potentials for art education when we imagine desegregation within our societies.

The questions we wish to consider are:
(i) what are the different potentials of art education with respect to the current challenges of inclusion/exclusion and segregation within our societies?

(ii) how can these challenges of desegregation be engaged without distorting the specificity and criticality of different artistic pedagogies?
(iii) how have art educators been working with these issues and what are the terms in which inclusion/ exclusion is discussed? In terms of class, race, ethnicity, colour-lines?

(iv) who are the dialogue partners for art schools, for art students, for artist-educators for questions of inclusion / exclusion?
(v) building on the discussion of autonomy in KUNO 2016, we ask what is the importance of the art school as a space apart an included exclusion within the wider society?

Datum & tid: 2017-10-20 kl 13:00 till 2017-10-21 kl 15:00

Kategorier: Konst

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Kontaktperson: Jeuno Kim


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