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Andrea Phillips


Andrea Phillips

Postal Address: Box 132, 405 30 Göteborg
Visiting Address: Vasagatan 50 , 41137 Göteborg

Valand Academy (More Information)
Box 132
405 30 Göteborg
Fax: +46(0)31786 51 19
Visiting Address: Vasagatan 50 , 411 37 Göteborg

About Andrea Phillips

Dr Andrea Phillips is PARSE Professor of Art and Head of Research at the Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. Andrea lectures and writes about the economic and social construction of publics within contemporary art, the manipulation of forms of participation and the potential of forms of political, architectural and social reorganization within artistic and curatorial culture.

Recent and ongoing research projects include: Curating Architecture, a think tank and exhibition examining the role of exhibitions in the making of architecture’s social and political forms (AHRC 2007-2009). Actors, Agent and Attendants, a research project and set of publications that address the role of artistic and curatorial production in contemporary political milieus (in collaboration with SKOR 2009-2012), co-director with Suhail Malik, Andrew Wheatley and Sarah Thelwall of the research project The Aesthetic and Economic Impact of the Art Market, an investigation into the ways in which the art market shapes artists’ careers and public exhibition (2010-ongoing), Public Alchemy, the public programme for the Istanbul Biennial 2013 (co-curated with Fulya Erdemci), Tagore, Pedagogy and Contemporary Visual Cultures (in collaboration with Grant Watson and Iniva, AHRC 2013-2014), How to Work Together (in collaboration with Chisenhale Gallery, Studio Voltaire and The Showroom, London 2014-ongoing).

1990 BA Theatre Studies (first class) Dartington College of Arts
1995 MA History of Art (distinction) Goldsmiths, University of London
2003 PhD Slade School of Fine Art, UCL

2008 External Examiner, MA Contemporary Art & the World, NCAD, Dublin
2006 Research Supervisor, London Consortium
2007 Fellowship Supervisor, Bergen Academy of Art
2004 External Examiner, BA Photographic Arts, University of Westminster

2004 - 2008 Acting Assistant Director, Curating Programme, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, London
2003 - 2004 Acting Assistant Director, Curating Programme, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, London
2003 - 2004 Associate Lecturer, Bartlett School of Architecture, History and Theory of Architecture
2001 - 2005 Associate Lecturer, MA Scenography, Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London
2001 - 2003 Associate lecturer, MA Cities and Cultures, Queen Mary, University of London
2001 - 2002 Associate lecturer, MA Performance, Queen Mary, University of London
1999 - 2003 Associate Lecturer, MA Curating, Goldsmiths College, London
1995 - 1997 Lecturer and Research Associate, BA Visual Performance, Dartington College of Arts


PHILLIPS, A (ed.), Social Housing-Housing the Social (Amsterdam/Berlin: SKOR/Sternberg Press, 
June 2012) ISBN: 978-3-943365-17-7

PHILLIPS, A and MIESSEN, M (eds.), Caring Culture: Art, Architecture and the Politics of Public Health (Amsterdam/Berlin:

PHILLIPS, A, ‘In Service: art, value, merit and the making of publics’ in (ed. Joanna Burton et al.), Public Servants, (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT/New Museum, 2015 forthcoming)

PHILLIPS, A, 'Making the Public' in (ed.) Robin Mackay, When Site Lost the Plot (Falmouth: Urbanomic, 2015) ISBN 978-0-9575295-6-4

PHILLIPS, A, 'Public Bodies: Reflections on the 13th Istanbul Biennial Public Programme' in (eds.) Yartam, Ozturk, Bengi, Westbrook, Mom Am I Barbarian? !3th Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul: IKSV, 2014) ISBN 978-605-5275-18-1

PHILLIPS, A, "Constructed Situations' in (eds.) Wiszniewski, Chmielewska, Kaminer), Situation: Architecture & Vol 4 (Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh, 2014) ISBN: 978-0-9573892-3-6

PHILLIPS, A, 'Carol Bove, the psychic and the civic' in (ed.) Lisa Le Feuvre, Carol Bove, Carlo Scarpa (Leeds: Henry Moore Institute, 2014 forthcoming)

PHILLIPS. A, 'De ce doctoratele bazate pe practica sunt politice' in (ed.) Catalin Gheorghe, Critical Theories and Creative Practices of Research/Theorii Critice si Practici Creative Ale Cercetarii (Romania: Universitatea de Arte George Enescu Iasi, 2014) ISBN: 978-606-547-168-9

PHILLIPS, A, WHEATLEY, A and MCGUINESS, K, 'Contemporary Art and Transactional Behaviour' in (eds.) Gilane Tawadros and Russell Martin, The New Economy of Art (London: DACS, 2014) ISBN 978-0-9548158-1-3

PHILLIPS, A, 'Remaking the Arts Centre' in (ed.) Binna Choi, Cluster: Other Cultural Offers (Utrecht: CASCO, 2014)

PHILLIPS, A, 'Civic Building' in (ed.) Okwui Enwezor, David Adjaye (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015 forthcoming)

PHILLIPS, A, 'Art as Property' in (ed.) A. Dimitrakaki, Economy: Art and the Subject after Postmodernism, (Liverpool University Press, 2015) ISBN: 978-1-78138-138-0

PHILLIPS, A, 'Public Space' in A Space Called Public (Koln: Walter Koenig, 2013) ISBN: 9783863354398

PHILLIPS, A, 'Art-Work' in (ed.) J Bowman, Esther Shalev-Gerz: The Contemporary Art of Trusting Uncertainties and Unfolding Dialogues (Stockholm: Art & Theory, 2013) ISBN: 978-91-980874-7-5

PHILLIPS, A, 'Users and Abusers: On Gordon Matta-Clark's Window Blow-Out (1976)' in (ed.) Tirdad Zolghadr, Red Hook Journal (Red Hook: Bard College, 2013) http://www.bard.edu/ccs/redhook/users-and-abusers/

PHILLIPS, A, 'Art and Housing: The Private Connection' in (ed.) A Phillips & F Erdemci, Social Housing-Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justice (Berlin/Amsterdam: Sternberg Press/SKOR, 2012) ISBN: 978-3-943365-17-7

PHILLIPS, A and MALIK, S, 'Tainted Love: Art’s Ethos and Capitalization' in (eds.) Lind & Velthius, Art and its Commercial Markets: A Report on Current Changes and with Scenarios for the Future (Berlin: Sternberg, 2012) ISBN: 978-1-934105-99-3

PHILLIPS, A, ‘List’ in (eds.) Lury & Wakefield, Inventive Methods (London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2012) ISBN: 978-0-415-57481-5

PHILLIPS, A, 'Too Careful: Contemporary Art's Public Making' in PHILLIPS, A and MIESSEN, M (eds.), Caring Culture: Art, Architecture and the Politics of Public Health (Amsterdam/Berlin: SKOR/Sternberg Press, 2011) ISBN: 978-1-9341-5-71-9

PHILLIPS, A, 'Watching Paint Dry: Process and Pedagogy in the Museum' in (eds.) Chou, Lin, Zolghadr, 
Taipei Biennale 2010 Index (Taipei: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2011) ISBN: 978-986-02-9507-8

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Objects, Props, Assemblages’ translated in Actors Explain Biennials in Mandarin 
(Taipei: Taipei Museum of Fine Arts,2011) ISBN: 978-986-02-6866-9

PHILLIPS, A, 'English Pastoral' in LOG 23 Fall 2011 (New York: Anyone Corp, 2011) ISSN: 1547-4690 
ISBN: 978-0-9836491-1-3

PHILLIPS, A, 'A Short Plan for Art Institutions Post-participation' in (eds.) Kolowratnik & Miessen, 
Waking Up from the Nightmare of Participation (Utrecht: Expodium, 2011) ISBN: 978-94-90474-00-3

PHILLIPS, A, 'Why Practice-based PhDs are Political' in (eds.) Quaresma, Dias & Guadix, Investigacao em Arte e Design Fendas no Metodo e na Criacao (Lisbon: CIEBA, 2011) ISBN: 978-989-8300-15-7

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Education Aesthetics’ in (ed. F Allen) On Education (Mass./London: MIT/Whitechapel, 2011)
ISBN: 978-0-262-51636-5

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Making It Up: Aesthetic Arrangements in the Barents Region’ in (eds.) Methi & Tarnesvik, 
Hotel Polar Capital (Kirkenes, Sami Art Festival, 2011) ISBN: 978-82-998333-4-9

PHILLIPS, A and MALIK, S, ‘The wrong of contemporary art: aesthetics and political indeterminacy’ in (eds.) Bowman & Stamp, Reading Rancière (London: Continuum, 2011) ISBN: 978-1441137814

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Pavilion Politics’ in LOG 20 Autumn 2010 (New York: Anyone Corp, 2010)

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Art building, architecture building, curating politics’ in Florence: Curating the City 
(Edinburgh: Edinburgh College of Art, 2010) ISBN: 978-0-9559706-0-5

PHILLIPS A, 'Education Aesthetics' in (ed. O'Neill and Wilson), Curating and the Educational Turn 
(Amsterdam: De Appel/Open Editions, 2010) ISBN: 978-0-949004-18-5

PHILLIPS, A, 'Building Democracy#2' in ed. Celine Condorelli, Support Structures (Berlin/New York: 
Sternberg Press, 2009) ISBN: 978-1-933128-45-0

PHILLIPS, A, 'Improvisation Rights' in Cornelius Cardew: Play for Today (London: Drawing Room, 2009) 
ISBN: 978-0-9558299-1-8

PHILLIPS, A, 'Curating Architecture' in eds. Hirsch, Misselwitz, Miessen, Görlich, Institution Building: Artists, Curators, Architects in the Struggle for Institutional Space (Berlin/New York: Sternberg Press, 2009) 
ISBN: 978-1-933128-54-2

PHILLIPS, A, 'Beyond Attendance' in Sarah Morris: Beijing (Cologne: Walther Konig, 2009) 
ISBN: 978-86560-646-4

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Building Democracy’ in Public Art: Architecture and Participation (Seoul: SAMUSO, 2009) 
ISBN: 978-89-93535-02-0

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Objects, Props, Assemblages’ in Showroom Annual: Props, events, encounters: the performance of new sculpture (London: The Showroom, 2008) ISBN: 0-9542362-6-2.

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Curating Architecture’ in (ed.) Moritz Kung, Belgian Pavilion catalogue, Venice Architecture Biennale 2008 (Antwerp: de Singel, 2008)

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Ephemeral Spaces’ in (ed.) Anthony Kiendl, Informal Architectures (London: Black Dog, 2008) ISBN: 978-1-906155-33-9

PHILLIPS, A, ‘Slipping away from Citizenship’ in Disassembly (London: Serpentine Gallery, 2006) 
ISBN: 1-905190-11-5 

PHILLIPS, A, 'Spirits, Ghosts, Atmospheres of Democracy' in The Showroom Annual (London: The Showroom, 2006) ISBN: 0-9542362-5-4


PHILLIPS, A, How To Work Together Think Tank http://howtoworktogether.org/think-tank/

PHILLIPS, A, Tagore, Pedagogy and Contemporary Visual Cultures (in collaboration with Grant Watson and Iniva, AHRC 2013-2014: http://art.gold.ac.uk/tagore/)

PHILLIPS, A, Istanbul Biennial Public Programme, January-September 2013, Istanbul various venues (co-curator with Fulya Erdemci)

PHILLIPS, A, Curating Architecture, December 2008, the Showroom, London (exhibition - co-curator)

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Latest publications

The Pontoon Project / Skissuppdrag / initial concept for public art project Nya Slussen, Stockholm (SWE)
Kerstin Bergendal, Andrea Phillips, Stig L Andersson, Johanna Adebäck
Officially accepted as response to a commission by Stockholm Konst (SWE), Artwork 2017

Andrea Phillips, Nav Haq, Ola Sigurdson
Parse Journal, Journal issue 2017
Journal issue

Beyond Leaders
Andrea Phillips
Keynote lecture for Kultur i väst conference 'Art & Audiences'. Göteborg 8 november., Conference contribution 2016
Conference contribution

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Making It Up: Aesthetic Arrangements in the Barents Region
Andrea Phillips
Hotel Polar Capital. Sami Art Festival. Hilde Methi and Kristin Tarnesvik (eds.), Kirkenes, Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book

Education Aesthetics
Andrea Phillips
Education. Allen, Felicity (ed.), London, Whitechapel Gallery, Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book

Why Practice-based PhDs are Political
Andrea Phillips
Fendas no método e na criação. Quaresma, J.; Rosa, F.P; Guadix, R. (eds.), Lissabon, CIEBA, Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book

A Short Plan for Art Institutions Post-participation
Andrea Phillips
Waking Up from the Nightmare of Participation. Nina Valerie Kolowratnik & Markus Miessen (eds.), Utrecht, Expodium , Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book

Objects, Props, Assemblages
Andrea Phillips
Actors Explain Biennials in Mandarin. Tirdad Zolghdhar; Freya Chou and Hongjohn Lin (eds.), Taipei , Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book

Watching Paint Dry: Process and Pedagogy in the Museum
Andrea Phillips
Taipei Biennale 2010 Index, Taipei , Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book

Too Careful: Contemporary Art's Public Making
Andrea Phillips
Caring Culture: Art, Architecture and the Politics of Public Health. Markus Miessen, Andrea Phillips (Eds.), Berlin, Sternberg Press, Chapter in book 2011
Chapter in book


Education Aesthetics
Andrea Phillips
Curating and the educational turn. O'Neill, Paul (ed.), Amsterdam, De Appel/Open Editions, Chapter in book 2010
Chapter in book

Art building, architecture building, curating politics
Andrea Phillips
Florence: Curating the City. Dorian Wiszniewski, (ed.), Edinburgh , Edinburgh College of Art, Chapter in book 2010
Chapter in book


Beyond Attendance
Andrea Phillips
Sarah Morris - Beijing. publ. on the occasion of the exhibitions "Sarah Morris - China 9, Liberty 37", MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, May 26 - July 26, 2009. Maraniello, Gianfranco (ed.), Köln, König, Chapter in book 2009
Chapter in book

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