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Here you can find a selection of publications at Valand Academy. For a complete publication list go to Gothenburg University Publication list (GUP).


Queer moving images

Editor: Anna Linder
Language: Swedish
No. of pages: 216
Release date: 2017-02-01
Publisher: ArtMonitor Bok
Dimensions: 246 x 172 x 20 mm
Weight: 568 g
ISBN: 9789198242133

Queer Moving Images includes texts, talks, films, music and lectures, all of which concern issues surrounding the moving image in a queer context.

Essays such as Amelie Björck’s To come into being in a queer time and Louise Wolthers’ Queering the family: images of reproduction both make links to the film Spermwhore, the creation process of which is outlined in On Research In What’s Most Private by Anna Linder.

The somewhat overlooked film Mai Zetterling’s Stockholm is discussed in detail within. Ingrid Ryberg’s article further contributes to the knowledge of the unique Swedish film scene in the 70s by addressing films such as Damned Queers, The woman in your life is you and Eva & Maria. You are invited to take part in the panel discussion on Susan Sontag’s time in Sweden and to follow the experimental cinematic process of Joey Carducci.

The volume also includes moving images; the film Spermwhore and Barbara Hammer’s lecture MAKING MOVIES OUT OF SEX AND LIFE (and making it all transparent).

Graphic design: Bastion – Agency Studio Lab 

Available for purchase at:
Samlade skrifter
Anna Linders webshop



La Cour, E. (2016). Autopia. Antipyrine. ISBN: 978-87-93108-57-8 

Autopia is an artist publication which resembles an exhibition catalogue about the fictitious female Belgian artist XX and her exhibition at the Museum. The core of the publication is a conversation piece between XX and Eva la Cour, addressing the notion of ‘the exhibiting artist’, fiction and praxis as well as it more generally discusses current conditions for visual production. This piece structures the catalogue in three parts: Working Space, The Exhibition and Conferrence Time. In addition the catalogue consists of contributions by critic Pieter Van Bogaert (BE), artist Kristian Poulsen (DK) as well as Anne Mette Schulz (DK) and Signe Frederiksen(DK). Read more here.

WATCHED! Surveillance, Art and Photography

Ann-Christin Bertrand, James Bridle, Alberto Frigo, Tom Holert, Hille Koskela & Liisa A. Mäkinen, Shoshana Magnet, Niclas Östlind, Peter Weibel & Louise Wolthers (2016). WATCHED! Surveillance, Art and Photography. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König. ISBN: 978-3-86335-959-1

How can art and visual theory contribute to the understanding of our current surveillance society? Watched! presents a selection of European artists who relate to current issues of discipline, control and security in our contemporary surveillance society. Surveillance is an expanding part of daily life. Since the start of the new illennium, we have seen major developments in security policies, data collection, software for private use, biometric science, social media, smartphones and technological innovations in other areas of 'smart surveillance'. Parallel to this change that has taken place in all parts of society, critical responses have increased across a wide range of disciplines, one of them being the arts. This publication offers a selection of artistic works and practices that addresses and reflects on issues of surveillance over the past fifteen years. Read more here.

The Curatorial Conundrum
What to Study? What to Research? What to Practice?

Edited by Paul O'Neill, Mick Wilson and Lucy Steeds (2016). The Curatorial Conundrum. The MIT Press. ISBN: 9780262529105

Today curators are sometimes more famous than the artists whose work they curate, and curatorship involves more than choosing objects for an exhibition. The expansion of the curatorial field in recent decades has raised questions about exhibition-making itself and the politics of production, display, and distribution. The Curatorial Conundrum looks at the burgeoning field of curatorship and tries to imagine its future. Indeed, practitioners and theorists consider a variety of futures: the future of curatorial education; the future of curatorial research; the future of curatorial and artistic practice; and the institutions that will make these other futures possible. Read more here.

Order and Collapse: The Lives of Archives

Adam Broomberg, Olvier Chanarin, Leslie Squyres, Jessica Bushey, Tyrone Martinsson, paula roush, Peter Piller. Edited by Niclas Östlind, Louise Wolthers, Gunilla Knape (2016). Order and Collapse : The Lives of Archives. Art and Theory Publishing. ISBN: 9789188031020

The normative order and authoritarian use of conventional archives has long been criticised. This volume investigates the digitally informed transformation and multiplication of archives today, in conjunction with the increase in both accessibility and the amount of data produced, stored, and circulated. Despite improved search capabilities, documents, photographs, and other images are in danger of vanishing. Yet new knowledge, connotations, and materialities are also emerging. Through various texts and artworks, a selection of contemporary artistic and research-based approaches to existing archives, the act of collecting images, and creating new archives is represented.


Täby – Jag började skriva en bok som hette Mordet på Palme

Kronestedt, P. (2015). Täby – Jag började skriva en bok som hette Mordet på Palme. ISBN 978-91-982014-2-0

Pelle Kronestedts fotobok handlar om hur verkligheten, jaget och bilden av desamma förändras från tonår till medelålder. Publikationen bygger på livsöden som utspelar sig i Stockholmsförorten Täby under slutet av 1980-talet. De personliga historierna speglar ett större sammanhang och gestaltar hur individen påverkas av samhället. Genom sina egna och generationskamraternas erfarenheter skymtar Pelle Kronestedt en universell och existentiell historia. Read book here.

Arctic Views : Passages in Time

Martinsson, T. (2015). Arctic Views : Passages in Time. Stockholm: Art and Theory Publishing. ISBN/ISSN: 978-91-88031-07-5

Tyrone Martinsson researches environmental and landscape photography. This personal account on the glaciers of Spitsbergen is a dialogue with history through stories of place and journeys through time, connecting archives with the locations that produced them. His focus is on glaciers, which are rapidly changing. By re-photographing the ice and comparing it to historical images, he addresses climate change using cross-disciplinary methods. It reflects his particular interest in how images can be used in relationships between humans and the environment, how our view of nature and landscape changes over time, and how we cannot escape our responsibility to future generations.

Expedition Svalbard : lost views on the shorelines of economy

Edited by Martinsson, T. ; Hedberg, H. ; Knape, G. (2015). Expedition Svalbard : lost views on the shorelines of economy. Göttingen, Tyskland: Steidl. ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-86930-590-5

The publication "Expedition Svalbard - Lost Views on the Shorelines of Economy" by Tyrone Martinsson, Gunilla Knape and Hans Hedberg was released during the summer of 2015. In September 2011 a group of scientists, artists and writers embarked on an expedition to North-West Svalbard, the northern extremity of Norway. Travelling on the M/S Stockholm, each of them recorded the event from their own professional and personal perspective. The sites on the route map of the journey facing the northern shores of the Polar Sea all have a story to tell, natural or cultural. The book is a narrative of the places visited by the expedition with the many different approaches shaping the views of the land encountered. The poetics of artists and photographers meeting the environmentalist writers and researchers of science and history tells the story of an expedition following its historic predecessors. The history of photography and earlier travel accounts as well as burning contemporary issues guided the journey into the Arctic. More information here. Read foreward here.

Slingorna & Undergången. Att bli ved III

Nyberg, F. (2015). Slingorna & undergången. Att bli ved III. Stockholm: Norstedts. ISBN/ISSN: 978-91-1-306560-1

Allt som slutar växa börjar ruttna. Nu råder alls ingen tillväxt på ängen, säger Dom fattiga som alls inte försvinner då ängen försvinner. Bara för att ängen försvinner försvinner inte Dom som alltid sover i skogen. En massa nerfallen frukt försvinner långsamt ner i jorden. Jag vet inte längre hur jag skall gestalta mitt hat å min ängslan. Slingorna & Undergången är den avslutande delen i en trilogi som tematiserar försvinnandets problematik. Den globala ekonomin, miljöförstörelsen och lupinerna omöjliggör en mängd andra, parallella, livsformer. Dikterna är ett möjligen desperat försök att via den poetiska skriften minnas och kvarhålla sådant som är av betydelse. Dikterna/texterna är vidare en praktikbaserad vidareutveckling av de idéer rörande versens klanglighet som avhandlingen ”Hur låter dikten? Att bli ved II” diskuterade. More information here


Architecture, Photography and the Contemporary Past

Claes Caldenby (Department of Architecture, Chalmers); Andrej Slávik (Department of Architecture, Chalmers); Julia Tedroff (Valand Academy); Martin Farran-Lee (-)
Monograph, book - edited, 2014
Art and Theory Publishing
ISBN: 978-91-981573-5-2

As traces left behind by the last two hundred years of profound historical change, architecture and photography contribute both to our contemporary skyline and to our image of the past. Their common history thus provides an indispensable background to every discussion of what has been called the contemporary past – that is, to modernity considered as an open problem rather than a closed historical period. Read full text here.

Ängen – ett samtal

Nyberg, F. (2014). Ängen – ett samtal. Moss: Audiatur. ISBN/ISSN: 978-82-93317-10-4

Utdrag fra Ängen:
Poesin är definitivt en optik som man kan se världen genom. Och för mig kan det då och då uppstå en mycket bräcklig analogi mellan ängen och dikten. Både ängen och dikten är marginaliserade fenomen i vår samtid och i detta faktum finns det naturligtvis en sorg, men också en lockelse. Jag uppfattar både ängen och dikten som cykliska fenomen, som någonting alltid nytt, alltid återkommande och samtidig globalt avklingande. I kampen mellan den kapitalistiska hegemonien (varorna / tjänsterna) och ängen väljer jag ängen. Ängen och dikten. Och om man (jag) tar dikten – och då inte bara de i Att bli ved – i sin (min) mun ställer man (jag) sig på en specifik plats, en plats som utspelar sig någon annanstans än var den ”kapitalistiska hegemonien” utspelar sig. Jag vill vara i dikten, på ängen och i isen. Bara det som försvinner kan ha ett värde...

Imprint: Visual Narratives in Books and Beyond

Martinsson, Tyrone; Hedberg, Hans; Knape, Gunilla; Wolters, Louise (Editors). Monograph, book - edited, 2014
Stockholm: Art and Theory Publishing

In times when cameras are ubiquitous and the general public is experimenting with the narrative possibilities of photography more than ever before, a survey of the current status and potential of the photobook is highly relevant. Not only does the photobook constitute an alternative means of display to gallery exhibitions, the book format also challenges photography’s instantaneousness, and allows for an exploration of the photographic language. Read more here.

Broken: Environmental Photography

Martinsson, Tyrone; Hedberg, Hans; Knape, Gunilla; Wolters, Louise (Editors). Monograph, book - edited, 2014
Stockholm: Art and Theory Publishing

The book Broken sets out to investigate environmental change and explore our relation to nature. It also follows in the photographic tradition of raising awareness and supporting policymakers, politicians, researchers, environmentalists, and activists. Featuring texts by seminal environmental photographers and theorists, the book Broken re-evaluates early environmental photography and investigates new ways of experiencing and visualizing landscapes in an interdisciplinary context. Read more here.


Esther Shalev-Gerz: The Contemporary Art Of Trusting Uncertainties And Unfolding Dialogues

Esther Shalev-Gerz: The Contemporary Art of Trusting Uncertainties and Unfolding Dialogue. Stockholm: Art and Theory. ISBN/ISSN: 978-91-980874-7-5

Edited by Jason E. Bowman Contributing writers: Stefanie Baumann, Jason E. Bowman, George Didi-Huberman, Lisa Le Feuvre, Andrea Phillips, Jacques Rancière, Jacqueline Rose, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Annika Wik, James E. Young

Esther Shalev-Gerz's art has long been at the forefront of debates regarding participation, citizenship, cultural memory, and the role of the artist in society. Her practice has consistently confronted many of the most profound ethical questions of our time regarding the politics of representation, memorialization, and the narration of our histories. Through the artworks and methods of Esther Shalev-Gerz, this book seeks to provide a platform for a debate on trust and dialogue and to act as a catalyst for reflection on the relativity of these two concepts when characterized by, and as, art. This is the first illustrated anthology to be published on Shalev-Gerzs work. It brings together some of the most significant thinkers, writers, and curators of our time to stimulate debate on notions of trust and dialogue and their interrelations as exemplified through her oeuvre. More information here


Trettio år för fotografi

Trettio år för fotografi
(Thirty years of Photography)
Kronestedt, Pelle; Knape, Gunilla;
Monograph, book - edited, peer reviewed, 2012

In this 30 year anniversary publicationGunilla Knape and Pelle Kronestedt have gathered stories from the last three decades, from the beginning of the programme till today. The two editors have dug into the archives for materials depicting the school and photography's development. Read book here.

Performing the curatorial: Within and beyond art

Stenberg Press
ISBN 978-1-934105-89-4

Edited and introduced by Maria Lind, and with a preface by Johan Öberg, and contributions by Doug Ashford, Beatrice von Bismarck, Boris Buden, Clémentine Deliss, Helmut Draxler, Eungie Joo, and Marion von Osten

Within contemporary art, the curator’s mediating function has developed into “the curatorial” itself. The curatorial is akin to methodologies used by artists that focus on post-production approaches—that is, principles of montage, with disparate images, objects, as well as other material and immaterial phenomena that are brought together within a particular time and space-related framework. Because the curatorial has clear performative sides, ones that seek to challenge the status quo, it also includes elements of choreography, orchestration, and administrative logistics—like all practices working with defining, preserving, and mediating cultural heritage in a wider sense. Is curating therefore essentially an act of translation? If so, with what purpose, and can it be performed elsewhere?

Performing the Curatorial brings together a diverse group of curators, artists, art historians, educators, and thinkers, all of whom reflect on the curatorial motives, tendencies and tactics, pitfalls, and exegeses in translating, and thus performing, cultural heritage. More information here.


Tell it like it is: Contemporary photography and the lure of the real

Hannula, Mika
Book, 2011
ISBN: 9789197847636
ArtMonitor - Bokserien; nr 8

Tell It Like It Is – Contemporary Photography and the Lure of the Real brings together a number of discourses of the changing same, through the specificities of contemporary philosophical argument (common sense vs. deniers of the worth of the concept of truth) and argument in contemporary photography and art (inherent truth claim vs. cultural contextualization of an image). It does this not only by flying high on the effects of abstract theory, but by seeking dialogue with practice. The dialogue takes place through the engaged participation of all four artists involved: Mads Gamdrup, Annika von Hausswolff, Esko Männikkö and Vibeke Tandberg. All have a long-term position and back catalogue of works and visions into these matters that matter. This book is made with and for both students and professionals in contemporary practice and discourses of photography – not understood as a strictly controlled medium, but as a content-driven activity with a clear sense of its past, connected to the variations of its present articulations. Download book here.


Fläckar, ord

Stigmark, Karl-Johan
Monograph, book, 2010
OEI Editör
ISBN 978-91-85905-12-6
A part of "innocent people" - an artistic development project at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gotheburg.

'transfer of a stain to another place’
In the early nineties I travelled to Budapest, by the Danube, in connection with an exhibition. There I initiated a project where the white correction-color tip-ex was used to cover letters in different books. To begin with, this time consuming work was thought of as a correction of misspelled words, but at the same time a new visual syntax appeared, similar to the writing for blind invented by Louis Braille. Stains and words combined into a cipher, something that pretends to be something that it is not, or that conceals its actual meaning. In this work, ‘transfer of a stain to another place,’ the transfer of something almost insignificant – a stain on a table – is documented. At stake is thus an exploration of the small and often ignored; an attempt to give it another space, a room of its own. Read more here.

sprickor och andra sprickor

Stigmark, Karl-Johan
Monograph, book, 2010
OEI Editör
ISBN: 9789185905133
A part of "innocent people" - an artistic development project at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gotheburg.

sprickor och andra sprickor:
En morgon när ljuset strilar genom mitt fönster. En betraktelse över alla de krackeleringar, flagor, överlappningar, hålrum, glipor, öppningar, bristningar, rämnor, klyftor, revor, skåror, rispor, rännor, skrevor, glapp, läckor, springor, brott, rupturer, frakturer och sprickor som finns i taket i mitt sovrum... omöjliga att få ihop, de är för många. De är helt enkelt "sprickor och andra sprickor". Read more here.


various parts corners world

Stigmark, Karl-Johan
Monograph, book, 2007
OEI Editör
ISBN: 978-91-85905-13-3
"definitioner av im/material" - an artistic development project at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gotheburg.

Karl-Johan Stigmark various parts corners world is both an artist's book and a conceptual book of poetry, which at the same time put on a game between the title and photography, and raises different questions.
- Jonas (J) Magnusson, editor, OEI Editör, 07 Read full text here (in Swedish)


Allt eller inget : kritisk teori, samtidskonst och visuell kultur

Hannula, Mika
Bok, 2005
ArtMonitor - Bokserien; nr 2
ISBN: 91-975911-0-6
University of Gothenburg

The book was originally published in Finnish under the title 'Kaikki tai ei mitään - kriittinen teoria, nykytaide ja visuaalinen kulttuuri' (Finland, 2003). The Swedish version was published by University of Gothenburg in 2005. An English version of the book is also available under the title 'Everything or Nothing: Critical Theory, Contemporary Art and Visual Culture' (Finland, 2005).

Artistic Research - theories, methods and practices

Mika Hannula (Faculty Board of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg); Juha Suoranta (-); Tere Vadén (-)
ArtMonitor - Bokserien; no 1
Published by Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland and
University of Gothenburg / Art Monitor, Gothenburg, Sweden 2005
ISBN: 951-53-2743-1

Artistic research means that the artist produces an art work and reflects on the creative process, thus adding to the accumulation of knowledge. In this book, the authors argue for methodological pluralism, tolerance, and experimentation. Also, they offer empirical methods, examples, and guidelines for doing artistic research, and present case studies of, for example, Olafur Eliasson and Lisa Roberts. Read more here.

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