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MFA: Fotografi gäster

Eva Stenram (SW/UK)
Beata Fransson (SW)
Jason Evans, Artist (UK)
Aida Chehrehgosha, Artist (SE)
Martin McCabe, Lecturer in Photography (IE)
Louise Wolthers, Researcher (SE)
Magnus Bremmer, Writer (SE)
Kerstin Bergendal, Artist (DK)
Kira O’Reilly, Artist (UK)
Marco Poloni, Artist, (DE)
Alberto Frigo, Artist (SE)
Lina Selander, Artist (SE)
Liv Stoltz, Curator (SE)
Cecilia Parsberg, Artist (SE)
Kent Klich, Artist (SE)
Anne Noble, professor of Fine Art (NZ)
Liz Wells, professor of photography (UK) 

Recent seminars in photography

Photography in Print & Circulation

Valand Academy and the Hasselblad Foundation are co-hosting a symposium on the expanded field of contemporary photo books, 17-18 november 2016.

Confirmed participants:
- Lotta Antonsson, artist based in Berlin
- Mike Bode, artist and researcher based in Sweden
- Charlotte Cotton, curator based in Los Angeles
- Cecilia Grönberg, artist and researcher based in Stockholm
- Alfredo Jaar, artist based in New York
- Mette Sandbye, professor at University of Copenhagen
- Eva Weinmayr, artist based in Gothenburg and London
- Lars Willumeit, curator based in Zurich
- Lin Prøitz, media researcher based in Oslo
- Sarah Tuck, researcher and curator currently based in Gothenburg
- Eva Stenram (SW/UK)
- Beata Fransson (SW).


How can art and visual theory contribute to the understanding of our current surveil-lance society? On 7-8 October 2015, Valand Academy and Hasselblad Foundation presented a public research symposium. During the two days artists and scholars presented work on surveillance and its relation to representation, migration, com-munity and control.

Peter Weibel, Professor (ZKM, DE)
Alberto Frigo, Artist, Södertörn University (SE/IT)
Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson, Ass. Professor, Stockholm School of Theology (SE)
Ann-So Sidén, Artist, Royal Institute of Art (SE)
Meriç Algün Ringborg, Artist (SE/TR)
Susan Schuppli, Artist, Goldsmiths University (UK)
Jason E. Bowman, Senior Lecturer, Gothenburg University (SE/UK)
Marco Poloni, Artist (DE)
Hille Koskela, Professor, Helsinki University (FIN)

Environmental Photography and Humanities - Contributions to Re-search and Awareness

An international symposium held at Valand Academy 23-24 April 2015. The symposi-um aimed to bring together cross disciplinary questions, practices and studies within humanities, social sciences, art and the natural sciences regarding aspects of per-ceptions of the land, how nature has been valued and used and how human activities and cultures act as part of, or against earths eco-¬system and the future consequenc-es of those different approaches.

Subhankar Banerjee, photographer, writer and activist (USA)
Joni Adamson, Professor Environmental Humanities, Arizona State University (USA)
Daniel Schrag, Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology and Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering and director, Harvard University Center for the Environment (USA)
Anders Wijkman, Co-¬president Club of Rome (SE)
Mark Klett, Professor Photography, Arizona State University (USA)
Anne Noble, Professor Photography, Massey University (NZ)
Per Holmlund, Professor Glaciology, Stockholm University (SE)
Jem Southam, Professor Photography, Plymouth University (UK)
Heidi Morstang, Lecturer Photography, Plymouth University (UK)
Liz Wells, Professor in Photographic Culture, Plymouth University (UK)

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